“1st Stone”

It’s been said that the only difference between someone in jail and someone free is a matter of outfits and a chance encounter. They just haven’t gotten caught.

I knew a guy once who had a sanctimonious attitude about him always being gainfully employed and never having gone to jail. He would often cruelly joke around about my criminal history and insist I would never be able to vote. Oddly enough this same individual would be the one to tempt me with blank payroll checks from his job and be a peddler of the filming of unripe fruit. I assured him that I was okay with being broke for the moment and although I did like them young- I wasn’t interested in something fresh out the womb.

As the old adage goes- we all have the proverbial skeleton in our closet. Injustice lies with the blatant hypocrisy in society’s attitude.

Like pointing the finger while wearing a crown of bones.