“Fez & Foil”

There are ultimately three types of people in the world. Those who watch things happen, those who wonder what happened and those who make things happen. When they began broadcasting the signal- I was ready.

The ancient admonishment was always to know thyself. It was never in me to be held accountable to anyone. Codependency simply disgusted me. I had long come to understand that far too often the majority of people would eagerly give up their rights for a sense of safety and security. A sense. There was never such a thing and believing there was would be doing oneself a disservice. I’d rather face the void trembling than find myself with the proverbial rug ripped from under me at a lost as to why reality didn’t conform to my beliefs. I was far from the only one who felt this way and that’s how I eventually got word that the world provisionary government was to begin broadcasting a unique signal in perpetuity that would ensure every citizen would always feel a sense of immense wellbeing.

Beta tests were conducted in major cities with huge success. Cairo. New York. Tokyo. London. Reports flooded in of drastic drops in crime rates and census representatives recorded an overall increase in quality of life. Somehow I knew better. Most people were thinking only of reaping short-term benefits. I saw what the species was becoming. Tame.

The glazed eyes.

The resigned smiles.

Growing soft is the price we paid for paradise.

We were mere cattle when the ships touched down.