Restless energy permeated the air and all thought of decorum was forgotten as the children playfully scampered back and forth across the throne room. A trace of a smile flickered briefly across the wizened face of the ancient matriarch. Though she quickly regained her regal composure her sightless eye nonetheless betrayed her. It sparkled with excitement. They had finally come home.

How long had it been since the great stone had fallen? If it had not been for the rogue fragments that littered the pathways the colony wouldn’t have left. The ships would’ve merely anchored nearby until the dust settled. Yet the council decided it was more prudent to leave for a while and visit their cousins elsewhere.

Now the moment had come and their deep longing for home would be remedied. One of the children separated from it’s cohorts and clawed it’s way onto the matriarch’s lap.

“When shall we arrive dear mother?”

Gently stroking the child’s scales the matriarch answered. “Soon child. Soon.”

The child eagerly grabbed a nearby tablet and scrolled through the star map.

“Which one is it mother?”

“The third child. The third from the sun. We’ll be there soon. Only a simple matter of an infestation to take care of but worry not little one. We are home.”