“Teen Jinn”

One moment I was playing with the candles and the next police had taped off access to the altar room. When my dad found out I was sure I’d be beaten within an inch of my life. I’d been whipped for far less. When word got to him that I’d nearly burned down the church all I got was a weird look.

A couple days later I had somehow set my bed on fire. Luckily I slept with a piss bucket and used my urine to douse the flames. I thought for sure this time I’d get it-yet again-the strange look. It wasn’t until the eve of my twelfth birthday that my father decided to take me for a ride.

We drove for what seemed like hours and all throughout I had been feeling a throbbing pain at the base of my spine as though the bones themselves were aching to crack and stretch outward. The pain increased the further we drove. When I had finally worked up enough courage to tell him-he came to a stop. We were outside an old building and from what I could see my relative’s cars were parked outside. We went in and rather than being warmly greeted everyone was oddly quiet. My dad led me to a staircase and we walked up to the fourth floor. I was left to wait in a room while my dad headed back down. I then heard the sound of muffled voices. My watch read 6:16 and suddenly the pain I had felt on the ride over exploded. I keeled over and started seeing flecks of light dart across my vision. A whistling sound bombarded my ears and I could feel the vibration of someone coming up the stairs. The door opened and I stopped breathing. What looked back at me wasn’t human.

It stood on two legs but the knees seemed inverted. Horns protruded from the skull and a small green flame floating inches above the head casting a harsh light on the oily black skin. I backed towards an open window-and jumped.

In an instant the creature had grabbed one of my ankles. I then heard a familiar and irritated voice.

“You damn fool.”

He held me as though I weighed nothing more than a feather. Something was smacking me lightly across the face as I dangled upside down. A tail. My tail!

“Its started.” He said and gently pulled me in.