“durch ein Glas”


A blinding light permeated the room and as the heat cooled his naked form could be seen hunched over drenched in sweat.

Walend quickly came forward and wrapped a blanket around him. It was the least that could be done. They both knew the consequences. Even as he took deep steady breaths the blood leaking from his nose and eardrums were undeniable. He only had seconds left.

“Did we?”

“Yes. Yes.” Walend’s voice caught in his throat as his eyes welled up with tears. “We did it…you did it.”

With that he allowed himself to go limp.

“And in other news in a landmark victory Jewish chancellor Zeke ben-Coben has just been declared head of the provisional world government. In his acceptance speech ben-Coben stressed the importance of the international registry…completion of the Third Temple is expected sometime mid-…”