“Gentle People”

Here you are clutching a speed pipe pouting like a toddler telling me you don’t like to be judged.

Blowing meth on my cock wasn’t sexy.


I could give two fucks if you’re undetectable.

The answer is still no.


Talk about sharing a psychosis.

He comes along singing something about children of the spiral.

We both end up clutching each other and crying hysterically.

A mayo packet somehow bursts open.

A girl passes by and says “Eww. Gross.”



You calling me dirty.


Next thing I see you in the personals section of Craigslist.


And while we’re on the subject of Craigslist-my post said seeking trans-not old white men in lingerie.


He tells me to check out his blog.

Something about him being lord of the multiverse.

He then threatens to kill me if I tell anyone.


Someone left their email open.

I buy a Fitbit watch later that day.