Each year around Christmas time millions of children in America send off their wishlists in the hopes that Santa will come through. The post office usually obliges and letters marked “to Santa” or to the “North Pole” are often redirected to a local charity. There are exceptions.

More often than not there’s a typo. Instead of “Santa” children mistakenly write “Satan”.
Unfortunately these letters are not forwarded. The ruler of the bottomless pit always receives them…and always answers.

Little Jimmy got the bmx bike he wanted. Sadly he couldn’t stop peddling once he started. His body was found in another state. His little heart had given out.

Jess’s dream was to become a makeup artist. On Christmas day she ran eagerly to the bathroom to test out the new makeup kit she’d received. Everything seemed to be fine after she completed the finishing touches of a look she copied off of an online tutorial. Suddenly her face felt warm. Then sizzled. She lived. Though she never showed her face again.

Terrence got the new Grand Theft Auto game.

Whenever he played it someone, somewhere, somehow…went on a rampage.