“Will there be anything else?”

“Yeah. Your phone number.”

She flushed.


“You bring light into my life.”

“Aww. Thank you.”


“You’ve got great skin. What’s your secret?”


“Seeing you is the best part of my day.”


Compliments. Opened doors. Smiles that reached the eyes. Gregory lit up every time he saw her and in turn with each encounter she seemed to glow even more-basking in his attention. Her skin firmed up. Her hair thickened. Her walk became more confident.

Eventually she barely acknowledged him. He soon felt short-changed. It wasn’t that he expected much from her. It was simply the feeling of being drained and unappreciated.

An answer to this dilemma came one day in the form of a memory.

His friend once told him that he was always giving “it” away.

Now he understood.

The next time she came around Gregory literally looked at her as though she was transparent. Unsettled, she asked him if he was alright. Without so much as looking in her eyes he nonchalantly shrugged and said yes.

Weeks later she could be seen walking timidly. Her wrinkles more pronounced. Her hair thinning.

Meanwhile the compliments flooded in for Gregory.

Everyone gawked at him wondering what he’d done to look 10 years younger.