I remember reading an old story. It was about a student studying the ways of becoming a monk. He showed great promise and would have likely become enlightened. There was only one problem. He couldn’t get a certain woman out of his mind. Nights would go by without him getting any sleep and even the act of meditation became an impossible task. This student eventually collapsed at his teacher’s feet begging for clarity. After asking the student a series of questions the teacher came to one conclusion. Marriage. And that’s exactly what the student did.

What would cause a man to give up enlightenment? I’d venture to say that when you meet your god in person everything else becomes null and void. The universe itself shrinks and eternity is seen in her eyes, her smell and even death itself is forced to wait it’s turn for your soul after you’ve eagerly offered it up to her. Nirvana pales in comparison to the company of a woman.

It isn’t my place to tell someone that they’re worthy. No amount of external reinforcement is going to make them see what I see. That the gods are alive and well. What this is at the very least is a tribute. An offering. To the divas, the women-the goddess. I’ll always be your high priest.