“Next time”

There’s been a lot of vapor trails in the sky lately. Nothing but re-runs on TV. They emptied the prisons and no one knows who keeps restocking the shelves. The Pope was seen waving at some folks. Then he flickered. Rumors about holograms.

Those with the means weren’t seen anymore. Who can blame them? Fate doesn’t give a damn if you’ve got kids to take care of. Time marches on. If you weren’t prepared that was on your own head.

In a way we were going out with a bang. We just weren’t the ones doing the banging. The general mood in the streets was subdued. Solemn.

We were told in school the event would take billions of years. Last year they revised the books. Started mentioning things like how our sun wasn’t really shining at it’s full capacity. Now they gave us a date.

They said it would take about 8 minutes for it to reach us.