Ive come to a point now where I’ve realized that images pale in comparison to real flesh and blood. That’s not to say that seeing an image of an attractive woman won’t stir something within me but rather I’ve chosen to practice not only restraint but appreciation for reality.

I came across the subject of NoFap last year right around the beginning of the pandemic. I was intrigued by the assurances of well…potency. Being able to exude strength, poise, power. Spiritual connotations aside there’s something to this. I’m not going to get into if I became more attractive but at the very least it makes sense that if youre able to practice restraint by and large people pick up on that vibe. Likewise if you allow yourself to succumb to base addictive behavior it does manifest itself in your demeanor-and that also gets picked up. You might as well have a sign plastered over your head that says I’m just a common ape pleasuring itself. It’s undignified.

Not to mention that by constantly exposing yourself to intense visual stimulation you end up desensitizing yourself and thus become less able to express appreciation for the things around you.

I don’t count the days. That’s just neurotic. I just lead with intention. To become better. Not for the ladies but for myself.