“The Great Work.”

I’ve been catching carpal tunnel writing with my left hand.

Freezing my ass off in the shower.

Squatting to shit.

Losing consciousness while doing Sudoku.

Last time I did tantra another inmate nearly broke my back.

I wound up in solitary.

Wound up getting baptized.

The next day I was channeling the cat.

I quit fucking with altars.

Although the goddess did bless me with some pussy.

I kept her menstrual blood as a token.

I’m shameless.

Police stopped me in the Castro.

Two white girls kept watch.

Bought me lunch later.

Some clothes. A mask.

Wound up at Dolores park.

Looked like everyone was waiting for an entrance.

I didn’t trust it.

Later I’m on woo block.

Next to Hibernia.

I got a wand.

A stick.

I burn the mask.

Hot coal falls from above.

Were the Muslims fucking with me?