“The Sovereign State.”

“Mark my words-“

Kate laughed gagging on the smoke. “Who says that shit anymore? Mark my words.” She burst into a fit of giggles.

Unfazed Patricia grabbed the blunt and took a drag. “Laugh if you want. I’m serious. It’s only a matter of time before we turn ourselves into the fucking Borg.”

“Is that before or after we send all the nutbags into deep space? You being pistachio numero uno.” Kate cackled. Her hand gently groping Patricia’s left breast.

Patricia rolled her eyes and took one last puff before flicking the blunt into the bushes.

“Only you can prevent-” Kate guffawed.

Patricia lifted her head off of Kate’s lap and smothered her laugh with a kiss.

Kate pulled away briefly. “Aye-aye Captain Janeway…”


Patricia winced slightly as Kate finished the last braid.

“Are you gonna be home tomorrow?”

“What for?”

“I got a package coming.”

“Your tinfoil hat?”

“It’s not made of tinfoil!” Patricia scolded her. “Foil just amplifies everything…shit!” She got up only to find her leg had fallen asleep.

“What’s the matter?” Kate teased. “EMF got your leg?”

“Haw-haw.” Patricia gave her a condescending look. “Just sign for me okay?”


Empty shells and cartridges littered the floor.

The blades of air support thundered above.

The only light that permeated the room came from the basement’s window. The glass had since been shattered and as the assault rifle continued emptying itself onto the oncoming security personnel-sweat stung Patricia’s eyes.


The verdict took only seconds.


The shackles fell from Patricia’s wrists.