“Oh. So I’ve got OCD now? Just because I pass my deodorant under my arms the same number of times?”

“It’s obsessive-” Marlyn insisted.

“So you’d lace your boots up leaving one halfway and wouldn’t feel off?”

Sensing an argument approaching Marlyn dropped the subject.


“You were right about the clutter. I feel better!” Robert confessed with a look of disbelief. “I gave away the clothes like you said. Feel like I’ve been unclogged.”

Tre couldn’t help the foolish grin that spread over his face. “Don’t mention it. Made sense to me. I started doing the same thing with files on my computer. Just indexed everything. Images in their own folder. Music in another.”


Ervin clutched the ball of obsidian finding it hard not to smash it across the blind man’s skull. For someone who couldn’t see he found it odd they were squaring off. Ervin’s friend pulled him away as four guards converged on the raging blind man.

Childishly, spitefully, Ervin hollered back; “Bye-bye blind man!”

As they exited the mall Ervin and his friend exchanged a quizzical look. The anger that was prevalent moments ago seemed to have dissipated instantly.

Ervin ditched the ball of obsidian down a drain.


Didn’t it make sense?

Eskridge scrubbed the caked on scum fervently.



Clearing the room.

It started off innocently enough.

The neatness. The minimizing.

Making space.

Eskridge began noticing the nurses would pop in more often giving him updates about his release.

Quickly passing through a multitude of vicissitudes.

The Time was speeding up.

Eskridge left his room spotless and with a lifted spirit took a brisk walk in the ward’s courtyard.