Can a white woman sleep with a black man and still have misgivings?


Can she still be racist?


A while ago I reconnected with an individual I met in San Francisco over a year ago. She came across as gender non-binary before I knew what that term even meant.

I was infatuated.


I noticed she grew a beard.


I wrote a piece entitled “Transfixed” in which I mulled over gender and gender transitions.

I couldn’t help but notice the individual I mentioned earlier stopped replying to my texts.

I took the post down.

Weeks later I put it back up.

Fuck it.

Fuck him.


I guess the purpose of writing this is to shed light.

It should be noted that I’ve had flings with several trans girls over the years.

One of them in particular I’m simply crazy about. In all fairness she’s a nutbag too.

She once asked me what I truly thought of her. I said though I had love for her I can’t help but see things through a lens.

My upbringing.

I told her that she’d be considered an abomination.

Blame the church.

There was no malice in how I said it.

Just my truth.

She took it in stride.

Never missed a beat.


I’ve noticed the flack Dave Chappelle has gotten for his remarks regarding the LGBT community.

Seems if you can’t be financially superior to someone the next best thing is to be morally superior.

The masses love a good crusade.


A social worker of mine had the gall to insinuate that queer people have been the most disenfranchised throughout history.

Oh really?

(P.S I have dark skin)