Give a girl a flower one day she’ll expect a garden the next.

Who said that females didn’t evolve to have personalities?

Someone else spoke of the sense of relief he felt when encountering women outside the U.S. These women were just glad you noticed them.

In the states they’d been fed too many illusions.

Namely the prince-charming thing.

The knight-in-shining bullshit.

That’s not to say foreign women are immune.

Why do they come here?

For the right to be lazy.

Michael Kors.

The thrill of being chased.

I’ve got a theme for an essay or book marinating in my head.

It’ll be about jerks.

I can’t help but notice how guys who generally appear not to give two fucks about women seem to be the ones who have them at their beck and call.

I’m kicking myself. Seem to always lapse into the nice guy role.

Fuck that shit.

I’m not chasing you.