Leave it to fate to have me experience the best orgasm of my life…with my clothes on.

Met the girl on a fool’s errand to Target downtown. Outside Trader Joe’s.

Her eyes stopped me.

They were clear.



She had a pixie cut.

Flat chest.


Took my fitted cap off and placed it on her head.

Started flirting.

Talking dirty. Filthy.

Told her I wanted to spread her open from behind and lick.

I rubbed her.

Gripped her crotch like I was looking for something as she groaned.

Licked the inside of her mouth.

Told her to twist my nipples.

Hands on her throat as she rode my left leg.

Told her to call me king of the pirates.

Told her to call me sir.

Told her she was my daughter.

I came…and could’ve died. Happily.

Laid there. Catatonic.

A sanitation worker walked over grinning madly and asked me if I was okay.

Highlight of a life.

Days later I’d go on and on about teenage love.

And she shall reign forever and ever…