Got off the phone with one of my sisters a couple days ago. She said I sounded like a Freemason she spoke with once. Honestly I was flattered in much the same way a guy from Kazakhstan blurted out ‘Illuminati!’ after one look at my tattoo. I blushed. In any case I guess I wasn’t helping her mania by mentioning that I was invited to join a lodge in Orlando a few years back.

Our talk veered toward the topic of overpopulation and subsequent conspiracies about it’s control. I mentioned that it was an issue everyone’s got to take into account. As information floods the world more people are voicing their demands for better living and though the cosmos may be abundant in resources-this world isn’t. We can’t all live like Americans.

I spoke of the need to rid ourselves of the naive belief that everyone is worthy. That everyone matters. The best that can be done is to streamline ourselves. Our lives. Seek out what truly matters and to devote most of our energies to that. The rest is superfluous.

As far as conspiracies go…what of it?

Can truths compete with the likes of Iphones and Netflix? Porn?

You can shout from the mountain top about the benefits of healthy eating and yet fast-food joints will continue to rake in billions.

Who can compete with convenience? Biology?

I say leave them be.