“Behave as if.”

There’s a little known story I read long ago that I think sums up the quest for happiness and fulfillment. It was about a business man who paid a visit to another man who was fishing. This business man began by telling the fisher that if he increased the amount of fishing lines- he’d catch more fish.

The fisher kindly asked him; What then?

The business man said that eventually the fisher would have enough fish to sell and enough money from it that he’d be able to hire others to fish for him.

The fisher again asked; What then?

The business man then said that he would become so rich that he’d finally have time to do what he always wanted.

The fisher man said; You mean what I’m already doing?


What if instead of waiting for a reason we chose to smile?

What if instead of waiting for successes we carried ourselves as though we already succeeded?

If I had all the money and time in world- what would I do?

Chances are I’d be taking my sweet ass time.

I would breathe.

I’d savor.


Why can’t I do that now?