“A soul of mischief.”

“If you’ve done what you’ve always done- you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

I’m feeling devious and I’m not sorry about it.

Far too often we literally sentence ourselves to a lifetime of being locked in a self-imposed routine and even in extreme cases in which that routine involves being in an abusive relationship we rarely do anything about it.


Because even pain can be gotten used to.

We like things to be familiar.

We expect people to behave as they’ve always behaved.

Even here-now. Where I’m at…

I see it

How I shower in a certain room despite there being at least three other alternatives or when it comes to eating at the same spot during meal times.

I couldn’t help but feel naughty when I switched things up and saw the look of confusion on the faces of those around.

They had been used to me sitting a certain way.

They took me for granted.

I took myself for granted.

I would go out on a limb and say that I bet if you’re the type of person to wear dark clothing all the time I guarantee that if you happen to wear a Hawaiian print shirt one day you’ll be getting strange looks at the least.

Don’t believe me?

I dare you to try it.