“Pure Faggotry.”

The world will turn you into a bitch…if you let it.

These women.

These men.

They will emasculate you.

If you let them.

I’d ask that you keep in mind that this sentiment is not at all an attack on sexual orientation.

It is an attack on a specific behavior.

It is an admonishment of a behavior that seems to be characterized by a general meekness, submissiveness and altogether ambiguous mode of being.

I’m attacking a behavior that turns both men and women into pussies.

Christopher Hyatt once postulated that most people in life are losers because they don’t ask for what they want.

The fear of rejection prevents them from asking and increasing the likelihood they’ll never get what they want thereby ensuring they’ll never be happy.

Ask…and you might receive.

Ask alot.

Ask alot of people.