“Hack Thyself.”

There are those who will assure you that there is nothing to attain.

Many others will happily dangle the promise of enlightenment in front of you indefinitely.

There is no shortage of life-long neophytes.

Rarely do you hear of one who simply points the way and leaves you to your own devices.

Books need not be endless.

We need not fixate on archaic symbols and dead languages.

For all you know you may be praying to a nefarious entity.

Though the masses are content with empty platitudes the seeker knows that when the right forces are at play-the fountain is close at hand.

The following is a compilation of techniques/ideas I’ve found useful.

Read. Experiment. Notice the changes.

80/20 “Rule”: Most of what you do and who you’re around don’t really matter. Focus on what does. The rest is superfluous.

Breath focus: Focus on your inhalations and exhalations at least twice daily for 10 minutes(minimum).

“Face Yoga”: Get in the habit of releasing facial tension by making faces.

The left-hand path: Use your non-dominant hand for writing, eating or even brushing your teeth.

Puzzles: Once a day can keep the dementia at bay. (I just learned how to play Sudoku this year)

Cold showers: Want better skin, hair and a strong will? If you’re a male you’ll be happy to know taking cold showers can build up testosterone. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for the ladies.

Cross-lateral movements: Right elbow to left knee. Left elbow to right knee. I go to at least 200.