A screen is a screen. A mirror. A reflection. A show. Sedation. Where’s my morning wood?

Thankful for those moments of humor and humility.Confidant. Grinning brightly from ear to ear.Only to realize that food crumbs were stuck in between my teeth.


Lord, help me get the things I need so I won’t regret the things I’ll do to get them.


Something to do with facial symmetry and the high likelihood of insanity. She said she only does fetty. I tasted her piss-groveling up until midnight. She said I changed. As I wielded a butterknife whilst gesticulating madly I said ‘of course’. Give me my shit back.


Cats aren’t good for your self-esteem. Entitled little shits. They’ll walk away from you midsentence.


Kiss the chef’s ass. It ain’t nothin to slip a little somethin into your progresso soup or to wash your eating utensils in a nearby toilet bowl. May the germ of God fester within you.


I don’t want to die with poison in my mind. I don’t want to sleep with a fist in my heart and fire in my belly. Its not quite a matter of forgiveness. No. Its a matter of relinquishing control. Lightening the load. I can’t change you. Its a good thing I can’t.

“The lesser flame.”

A deacon once told me never to get comfortable. It takes work to keep the fire lit. I want my tears. I want the lust. Indifference and complacency are lethal.

“Grime in the stoup.”

The possibility of death. Are these silver hairs a learned behavior? A projection? A reflection? Where has the time gone and what have you done?


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