In an age where getting credentials essentially boils down to updating one’s social media profile ultimately I feel as though words themselves carry no weight. Therefore if you’re wondering why after having written several short stories and published a small book that I describe myself as an aspiring writer the answer is simple. I just … Continue reading “Aspire”


Ive come to a point now where I’ve realized that images pale in comparison to real flesh and blood. That’s not to say that seeing an image of an attractive woman won’t stir something within me but rather I’ve chosen to practice not only restraint but appreciation for reality. I came across the subject of … Continue reading “NoFap”

“To the wise.”

In some circles it’s frowned upon to express your joy and it’s considered downright foolish to tell anyone your goals before actually attaining them. The idea is that you’d be inviting demons to tamper with them.

“Next time”

There’s been a lot of vapor trails in the sky lately. Nothing but re-runs on TV. They emptied the prisons and no one knows who keeps restocking the shelves. The Pope was seen waving at some folks. Then he flickered. Rumors about holograms. Those with the means weren’t seen anymore. Who can blame them? Fate … Continue reading “Next time”


My first ebook entitled ‘OBSURDEUM’ is now available for free! If you would like to show support financially the commentary version of OBSURDEUM is available for $3(USD). Special thanks to everyone who has stopped by so far. Thank you.


Men of science. Fools. The lot of them. They’ve merely traded in one holy book for another. One god for another. The hubris. What are we but mere apes? Daring to measure the cosmos with a fallen branch.


I’d kindly ask that you refrain from lumping me with everyone else. I’ve got no interest in becoming one of your perpetual patients. I don’t suffer from some inherent mental defect. I have no ”history”. Disregard the hospitalizations. The incarcerations. The stints in rehab. If there is a history it’s been a history of lacking … Continue reading “Breggin”


I remember reading an old story. It was about a student studying the ways of becoming a monk. He showed great promise and would have likely become enlightened. There was only one problem. He couldn’t get a certain woman out of his mind. Nights would go by without him getting any sleep and even the … Continue reading “Rites”


There I was. Feeling prolific. I was Tyson, Jackson and Jordan all wrapped up in one. Flicking my wrists. Arching the shot. Sticking my tongue out. Unapologetic. In hindsight- I don’t blame them. There I was. A grown ass man. On a public basketball court. Dressed in a tight ass wrestler’s outfit. Barreling mercilessly down … Continue reading “Yellow”

Route 5

One of the most heartwarming moments of my life. Id been having an off day when several toddlers scramble onto the bus I’m on on their way to school. One little girl unconsciously places her hand on my knee to hoist herself onto the upper level of the bus. I damn near cried.


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